Medic 4

Ford E-450, is another one of our first refurb/remount trucks built by SelectTECH. This is our largest box in the fleet and has been recently modified to add additional front LED lights and Federal Q Siren to increase visibility and safety during transport. This truck has been affectionately named "Moses" due to the light show that ensues when activated for emergencies and how well the Federal Q Siren carries. This truck is used for critical care transfers and any other specialty need that may arise.

Medic 3

Ford E-350, affectionately known as Octagono or the Spaceship due to it's unique shape and layout. Medic 3 is the second diesel left in our fleet and was the very first truck purchased for A&E's fleet.

Medic 1

Ford E-350 and is one of our last two diesel trucks in the fleet. Medic 1 was one of the first original trucks purchased for our fleet.

Our Fleet

Medics 6, 7, 8, 9

Ford E-350s, gas engine units. All four units are identical.

Medics 5 & 10

Ford E-350, Both gas engine Type 2 Vans. While all of our trucks are equipped as advanced life support units, these units are primarily used as BLS transport units.

Medic 2

Ford E-350. One of the first gas engine ambulances we own. Medic 2 is a Refurb/remount unit built by SelectTECH out of Shelbyville, TN.

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