The above office space was utilized as A&E's original headquarters and was recently exited. 1489 Decherd Estill Road, Decherd, TN served A&E well from Sept. 2013-June 2016.

Tullahoma - Station 2

Station 2 is located in Tullahoma on 151 West Waggoner St.

Station 1 Headquarters was recently constructed. Construction began January 2016 and was completed this June. Station 1 is located at 489 Old Mill Road, Winchester, TN. This station has six large bays and can house up to 10 ambulances indoors. Total size of the building is 6000 sq. ft. with 2500 sq. ft. of living space. Our headquarters features a large day room with full kitchen, two administrative offices, 6 bedrooms, stock room and a large conference/training room. We are proud to call this station home.

Winchester - Station 1 (Headquarters)

A & E Emergency Services LLC